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  1. Augment

    Augment's Farewell

    Hello my fellow Noveans, I am moving on from Novea due to a whole bunch of issues I have overcome, In which it's becoming stressful to me to play the game, I will pop on here and there to talk to you all and see how the server is going, but other then that you won't see of me much. Still feel...
  2. Augment

    Novea Updates 29/11/2020

    leeeeeeeets gooooooo
  3. Augment


    You can find some of em in general discussion too, just look for 'Ari's' profile
  4. Augment

    Novea Clue Scroll Guide

    Cryptic Clues Part 2: Aggie I see, Lonely and southern I feel I am neither inside nor outside the house yet no house would be complete without me. The treasure lies beneath me! Teleport Wizard > General > Cities > Draynor
  5. Augment

    Updated Price Guide

    Dragon Bones - 200K - 250K Super Combat Potions - 30K - 50K Stamina Potions - 50K - 100K Anglerfish - 20K - 35K Ring of Recoil - 10-15k Dragonstone Bolts (e) - 7K Dragonstone Dragon Bolt (e) - 10K+ Ruby Bolts (e) - 6K Revenant Ether - 5K Vote Scroll - 2M - 3M Vote Box - 5M...
  6. Augment

    Updated Price Guide

    Dragon legs/skirt Orn Kit - 25M Anguish Orn Kit - 100M Tormented Bracelet Orn Kit - Broken atm Torture Orn Kit - 100M Fury Orn Kit - 25M Dragon Scimitar Orn Kit - 25M Occult Orn Kit - 75M Ring of Coins - 10M - 20M Ring of Nature -5M - 20M Ring of Stone - 5M Ranger Boots -...
  7. Augment

    Updated Price Guide

    Novea Credit - 2.8M - 3.2M Sled - 2B Scythe - 2B Zuriel's Hood - 30M-40M Zuriel's Robe Top - 75M - 100M Zuriel's Robe Bottom - 75M - 100M Zuriel's Staff - 40M Morrigan's Coif - 50M Morrigan's Leather Body - 110M - 150M Morrigan's Leather Chaps - 80M - 100M Morrigan's...
  8. Augment

    Updated Price Guide

    Red Party Hat - 600M Yellow Party Hat - 800M Green Party Hat - 600M Blue Party Hat - 600M Purple Party Hat - 600M White Party Hat - 1.1B+ Black Party Hat - 750M Rainbow Party Hat - 1B+ Party Hat With Specs - 700M - 800M Santa Hat - 250M Black Santa Hat - 700M Inverted...
  9. Augment

    Updated Price Guide

    Imbued Heart - 50M Abyssal Whip - 10M - 15M Granite Maul - 2M Leaf-Bladed Battleaxe - 500k Black Mask - 20M - 35M Ancient Wyvern Shield - 30M Dragonfire Shield - 40M Dragon Boots - 10M- 15M Abyssal Dagger - 60M Trident of the Seas - 15M - 20m Kraken Tentacle - 20M Dark...
  10. Augment

    Updated Price Guide

    Hello Noveans, I am here updating the price guide as it's almost completely incorrect as of right now. Feel free to pm me if I'm online to get me to change/update an items price, if i'm not online you can also dm me on discord too Augment#2211 Big thanks to 'I Dont Bot' for doing all the...
  11. Augment

    Creating A Preset

    How To Create A Preset Presets Are Used For Either Pking/Pvming/Skilling When You Click The Preset You Want Whatever Gear You Were Wearing, Stuff That Was In Your Inventory, Mage Book Selected Will Automatically Be Dumped Into Your Character. Notes: 1.) If you do not have an item in your bank...
  12. Augment

    Galvek made EZ =)

    Great guide my friend, making me feel way more confident for when I go against him
  13. Augment

    Aug's Ironman Guide

    Aug's Ironman Guide By: Augment Hello Noveans, today, I'll be making and ironman guide for you all so you have some tips to start of your grind right. What Is Ironman Mode? There are currently 4 options of ironman you can choose between, Standard Ironman, Hardcore Ironman, Ultimate Ironman...
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    RuneWars 3

    can't wait to watch this hehe
  15. Augment

    Rate Novea's staff team

    Owner: Chris T - (9/10) Reason: Great person and very understanding all the time, only gave him a 9/10 cause I wish he would participate in more events with us <3 (and yes I know he's busy but yeah) Staff Director: Chas - (10/10) Reason: A really great staff member, always doing events with...
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    Fastest Way to Get All Skills 99 (Ironman Friendly)

    oh, yeah your absolutely right ill add that in
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    Fastest Way to Get All Skills 99 (Ironman Friendly)

    Farming: Fastest Method: On 4x XP 1-15 Rake and Plant Potatoes 15-30 Oak Trees 30-45 Willow Trees 45-60 Maple Trees 60-75 Yew Trees 75-99 Magic Trees How To Get There: Planting the potatoes and raking, Teleport Wizard > Skilling > Farming > Catherby/Ardougne/Falador/Canifis Patch For...
  18. Augment

    Fastest Way to Get All Skills 99 (Ironman Friendly)

    Hello and welcome to my 'Fastest Way to Get All Skills 99' Guide Hope you Enjoy!! Feel free to comment below if you have a faster method and ill update the guide and give you credits. Note: When I say on 4x xp that means using an xp scroll on double xp weekend. Use Ctrl+F keys and type the...
  19. Augment

    How to ignore people

    Hello, this is my guide on how to ignore people so you don't see their yells, messages in chat or clan chat messages! Why should you ignore someone? It could be many reasons, they're rude, you simply don't like them, they annoy you etc. By: Augment 1st step: Click The Yellow Smiley Icon At...