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  1. Chris T

    Novea 1-28 vote goodiebag event!

    Hey Noveans For this start of the month's events we'll be hosting the Vote goodiebag event again! We'll be hosting the 1-28 Vote goodiebag event for the next couple of weeks. Chris will be the one giving out picks between a number of 1-28 which will correspond to an item in the following...
  2. Chris T

    Novea Updates 17/1/2021

    Hello Noveans, Today we have a game long awaited game update coming to Novea. The Theatre of Blood There are 6 different bosses in the theatre you'll have to defeat to be eligible for loot. The Maiden of Sugadinti At 70%, and 30% hitpoints, the Maiden will spawn two Nylocas...
  3. Chris T

    Novea Updates 29/11/2020

    Hello Noveans, Today we have a long awaited game update including the anticipated Well of Goodwill, shop changes and loads more. Well of Goodwill The Well of Goodwill can be found south of edgeville in Novea, it grants various boosts upon activation for 1 hour. The Well has a 100%...
  4. Chris T

    Novea Updates [17/09/2020]

    Hello Noveans, Today we have a game update including the long awaited 200M XP capes and lots of bug & QOL fixes. 200M XP capes 10 new 200M XP capes have been added. King arthur at ::home sells the capes for 50M each in his shop. These 200M capes can only be worn if they player has...
  5. Chris T

    Novea Updates [7/08/2020]

    Hello Noveans, Today we have an update that will mainly help new players and increase cashflow in the game. Money Pyramid The Novea money pyramid can be found south of edgeville. After completion of the full course you will be rewarded with a pyramid top. This pyramid top can be exchanged at...
  6. Chris T

    Novea Updates [7/07/2020]

    Hello Noveans, Today we bring a big update including new content and the return of older content. Galvek Galvek is the final boss of the Dragon Slayer II quest. This boss is very hard to defeat hence why we've changed his droptable accordingly so that it's one of the best money makers in...
  7. Chris T

    Loot from opening 100+ mystery boxes

    Plenty of times we've been asked what people can receive from our various loot boxes we offer in the ;;store We've uploaded a video on the Novea youtube channel showcasing the average loot of 100 box openings:
  8. Chris T

    Novea Updates [7/06/2020]

    Hello Noveans, Today we are coming out with a long awaited game update. The Nightmare of Ashihama The Nightmare of Ashihama, often simply referred to as The Nightmare, is a large, otherworldly horror who feeds on the life force of sleeping people, giving her victims horrible nightmares until...
  9. Chris T

    Novea Updates [16/04/2020]

    Hello Noveans, Today we bring a long awaited update including the trading post, donator zone and many bug and QOL fixes! We plan on doing a mini update sometime tomorrow to polish a few more things. The Donator Zone The donator zone has arrived to Novea. In this zone we offer easier and more...
  10. Chris T

    Novea Updates [8/04/2020]

    Hello Noveans, Today we bring a big update with plenty of long-awaited bug fixes and QOL updates! We plan on fixing more bugs and adding them to this update thread throughout the week. We haven't got to removing certain items that shouldn't be in the economy yet, this will be updated tomorrow...
  11. Chris T

    Novea post launch information

    Noveans After having faced many obstacles this past day i'm glad to announce Novea is now officially online for everybody to play. Double XP Will be turned on for the next 3 hours to...
  12. Chris T

    Welcome back - Launch Info - 4 PS4 Giveaways!

    LAUNCHES: April 1st 8PM GMT+1 Welcome back Noveans! I am thrilled to announce our official launch on April 1st 8PM GMT + 1, We have placed a countdown timer until launch on the homepage. The Past If you've heard about Novea before, you know that with prioritisation on the economy side of...