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    Bid Wars

    o.o interesting Skill cape
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    welcome to novea! :cool:
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    Chambers of Xeric - FULL RAIDS GUIDE

    great guide!
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    Novea Updates 29/11/2020

    awesome update
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    Back again with the RNG. Not using a pet scroll.

    wow thats crazy good luck!
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    RuneChronic's Introduction

    welcome! hope you enjoy novea as much as the rest of us!
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    Dev blogs

    that would be an awesome thing to do!
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    Players Vs Staff Event!

    cant wait!
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    Galvek made EZ =)

    thank you every one for the feedback !
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    Galvek made EZ =)

    Hey guys ! Here's a short but sweet guide for Galvek. Listed below will be different load out combinations you could possibly do. It is HIGHLY recommended to bring a bgs/dwh/swh to lower galveks defence levels. Not 100% needed but will make the kill much faster. ^if you have a large bank with...
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    Lmao. Abby demon RNG is insane.

    thats some crazy luck there!
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    Watsup all!

    welcome to novea! hope you enjoy =)
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    lost cannon base

    Mrkill, if you pm chris or chas about this they can replace your cannon.
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    Fastest Way to Get All Skills 99 (Ironman Friendly)

    awesome guide!
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    Can't wait to see how this goes ! :D Should be a blast!
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    Live Stream and Ultimate Boss fight

    this is gonna be crazy!
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    Mobile raids

    hoping this can be fixed soon as well! would be nice to see mobile players raiding
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    Donator Benefits Suggestion

    i like them! Only thing i don't agree with is reducing the ::resettask price, only because its one of the few smaller gold sinks in game , but others would be great!
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    Get the staff wasted!-live stream with spoilers!

    this is gonna be interesting >:)